PANIC DON'T PANIC | Blogging a dead horse

Blogging a dead horse

Is a barrel of naked monkeys more fun than a barrel of hairy ones?


Yes! Christmas is coming! Or maybe not… because the Virus is back.


Old men are on the endangered list and probably should not be allowed out and certainly should not be roaming the planet seeking brandy and biscuits and generally spreading anything that might attach itself to their beards or boots.

But if we want Christmas, Santa will have to come. He will be leaving a wake of deadly infections with the presents and will later succumb to the virus and be found face down in the snow being eaten by his half starved reindeer, but even so, it will have been a Merry Christmas!

I am writing today's blog because of a posting on my FaceBook page about how Masks are useless and actually make you sick and that the scientific experts know nothing. The posting is provable nonsense though to point to the statistics would have no effect because that sort of proof is dismissed as politically motivated. There is a tendency for people to dismiss demonstrable facts if it is perceived as undermining political positions they take. Though why the humble mask is so reviled beats me.

There was another little document that popped up on my Twitter feed. This one told me how The Great Reset was upon us, perpetuated by the New World Order who wanted us all chipped as "inoculated" or not, living dependent on the state, and kept down on the farm so as to allow something or other that was so evil that God could not stop it now that the Deep Church had slipped a Pope into power who agreed with same sex marriages… I forget the details. But somehow Bill Gates was behind it all. Its premise was that the virus was a fake and being used to control us.

I can be all smug about such idiocy. But none of us are immune to wild thoughts regarding the virus. Look at my earlier blog entitled TRANQUILLO! In that rambling account of the various approaches to the virus I examine my own vacillating thoughts: one moment considering its danger exaggerated, the next moment considering my life threatened! I came to no conclusion other than political leaders now have an impossible situation. They will be damned no matter what their decision.

So what can I conclude now that we know that Lockdowns are very destructive and that the virus pops up again as soon as one begins booting up the economy? Given my experience of SARS in Hong Kong I would say masks and disinfectant are about the only things that do help. Quarantining the sick, tracing their contacts and isolating them, also works in a limited way and only then if actually done well. And that is about it.

If I was a politician, I would tell Santa to get good and drunk and get back on that sleigh. And as I watched the deaths ascribed to the virus rise, hopefully not including my own, I would have the stats double checked, but mostly I would shrug and just say, "That's the way it is because the alternative will impoverish us all!"

It would require nerves of steal no doubt. Both options can have terrible consequences, but one is much less inconvenient. And who knows, Santa might bring a present. Perhaps Reindeer Dropping Tea can create immunity? At least Bill Gates wouldn't profit from it. Though come to think of it, he wouldn't be making profits out of a vaccine either.

No matter, I'm plumping for Reindeer Dropping Tea, because Global Climate Change will kill us anyway…