Lawrence Gray - that’s me - is a screenwriter, director, novelist, blogger, lecturer and international movie bit part walk on extra! See me being myself in Oliver Stone’s movie “Snowden” where I play a man running up a flight of stairs pointing wildly at a man he thinks he recognizes. It is a stretch of a role, but I pull it off magnificently. In 2017 I also saw my writerly name attached to ten hours of sensational Singaporean crime drama.

In short, I am not a breast implant surgeon, a dead Hollywood movie star, nor a Maltese singing sensation, though I am sure that is what you googled. And if you were looking for rather than, I am surprised you found me because while I was on vacation that site name was yet again stolen away from me and then offered back to me at US$2,000. There was a time when my website address was worthless, but now after twenty odd years of having this web address, it has accrued immense value. If only I had registered!

And so now, after being one of Hong Kong’s sought after screenwriters and all round script fixer uppers, I am Johor Bahru’s most sought after screenwriter! Granted that in a world woefully pleased with its geographical ignorance, my addresses usually illicit the WTF response from Hollywood, but I like to think of them as enriching my experience, which in a world where shallowness and egotism is shockingly rewarded may or may not be a good thing. So, if nothing else, please check out the books and the film and buy them, or poke around the site for my insightful blog, a few short stories, and a few articles on the art of screenwriting.

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